FMP SAJ-39 Prosper

Fred Van Hove

Fred Van Hove, solo piano.

Sharp wie ein F in Berlin (01.12), Chiens chauds stimes (02.17), Sagen sie einfach free music und es gibt frühstück (08.11), Joost mag het weten (03.17), Grote tremolo met klap (05.06), Other piece (03.41), Toespraak (08.42), Zizque d'anvers (voor G.M. uit K.) (03.58), Prosper wals (03.10).

Recorded 28 and 29 November 1981, at Flöz Berlin by Jost Gebers; produced by Jost Gebers and Fred Van Hove.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Fred Van Hove; design by Van Hove/Gebers.

Issued on CD in January 2010 as FMP CD 143.

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