XOPF Rec 01 Planet Oeuf

Planet Oeuf

Hans Anliker, trombone; Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics; Alfred Zimmerlin, cello; Felix Bopp, piano; Mani Bielser, percussion; Günter Müller, percussion, electronics; Andi Rathgeb, sound engineer; Phil Durrant, electric violin, trombone; Jacques Widmer, percussion; Sami Eugster, turntables; Andres Bosshard, cassette player.

The bull and the dozers (11.20), All animals are dangeroos (08.30), Tchop - tchop (07.05), Fri -son - ate (07.05), Happy birthday Gorbatchow (06.25).

Recorded on 11 August 1985 in Belluard, Fribourg/CH.

Cover design (partly reproduced above) by Sämi Eugster.

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