GROB 206/7 Electric chair and table

MIMEO: Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra

Phil Durrant, violin, electronics; Christian Fennesz, computer; Cor Fuhler, piano, electronics, organ; Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer; Kaffe Matthews, computer, violin; Jerome Noetinger, electroacoustic devices; Gert-Jan Prins, electronics, radio, tv, percussion; Peter Rehberg, computer; Keith Rowe, tabletop guitar; Marcus Schmickler, computer, synthesizer; Rafael Toral, guitar, electronics; Markus Wettstein, amplified metal garbage.

    GROB 206 - Chair:
  1. (05.37)
  2. (09.49)
  3. (16.47)
  4. (12.16)
  5. (10.09)
    GROB 207 - Table:
  1. (69.57)
Recorded on 16/17 December 1998 at Stadtgarten, Cologne; Chair edited in studio in Cologne by Marcus Schmickler in December 1999 and Table edited in studio in Lisbon by Rafael Toral in summer 1999.

Front cover (reproduced above) by Keith Rowe.

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