Humannoise Congress #7/#8/#9

Various musicians

Jaap Blonk, voice [JB]; Ulrich Böttcher, percussion, electronics [UB]; Axel Dörner, trumpet [AD]; Phil Durrant, violin, electronics [PD]; Johannes Frisch, bass [JF]; Jürgen Krusche, guitar [JK]; Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer [TL]; Lê Quan Ninh, percussion [LQN]; Dirk Marwedal, saxophone [DM]; Philippe Micol, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet [PM]; Annegret Müller, voice [AM]; Günter Müller, drums, electronics [GM]; Uwe Oberg, piano [UO]; Lesley Olson, flute [LO]; Ulrich Phillipp, bass, electronics [UP]; Natalia Pschenitschnikowa, flute, voice [NP]; Waldo Riedl, accordion [WR]; Claudia Risch, saxophone, flute [CR]; Christoph Schiller, piano [CS]; Wolfgang Schliemann, drums [WS]; Ulrich Sobotta, euphonium [US]; Martin Theurer, piano [MT]; Birgit Ulherr, trumpet [BU]; Hainer Wörmann, guitar [HW]; Joachim Zoepf, saxophone, bass clarinet [JZ].

  1. JF/TL/DM/AM/GM/UO/UP/NP/WR/BU (09.28)
  2. AM/UP (03.54)
  3. TL/GM/BU (09.26)
  4. UB/JK/US (05.52)
  5. AD/PD/PM/UP/CS (05.46)
  6. UB/AD/PD/JK/DM/PM/UP/CS/WS/US (10.31)
  7. DM/PM (04.51)
  8. JB/UB/UP (05.31)
  9. UP/WS/MT (06.25)
  10. JP/UB/LQN/LO/UP/CR/WS/MT/HW/JZ (10.57)
Tracks 1, 2 and 3 recorded on 8-10 September 1995 during Humannoise Congress #7; tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7 recorded on 13-15 September 1996 during Humannoise Congress #8; tracks 8, 9 and 10 recorded on 12-14 September 1997 during Humannoise Congress #9.

Released in 1998 as a CD-R in an A5 booklet to commemorate 10 years of Humannoise Congress.

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