ICP 036 A camel's kiss

Tristan Honsinger

Tristan Honsinger, cello.

  1. Squitty geshee (01.58)
  2. Stopera (11.42)
  3. Mary contrary (03.00)
  4. Go east (05.03)
  5. A camel's kiss (08.48)
  6. Waves (01.20)
  7. From time to time suite (07.32)
  8. Restless in pieces (12.45)

Recorded at Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam on 2 and 21 December 1999.

Cover art (not reproduced above because it's on the back!) by Han Bennink. Not a jewel case or digipack, this CD is in a card packaging with a slotted lip, supplied in a transparent plastic pocket.

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