ICP 052/053 Live at the Vortex/Misha enzovoort

ICP Orchestra

Michael Moore, clarinet, alto saxophone; Ab Baars, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Tobias Delius, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Thomas Heberer, cornet; Mary Oliver, violin, viola, vocals; Tristan Honsinger, cello, vocals; Ernst Glerum, bass; Han Bennink, drums, vocals; Misha Mengelberg.

    ICP 052 CD Live at the Vortex
  1. House party starting (08.02)
  2. Tritchami (02.18)
  3. Picnic (17.32)
  4. No idea (06.49)
  5. Marabermi (03.47)
  6. Jaloers, ik?/Ezels (08.35)
  7. Criss cross (06.32)
  8. Peer's counting song (02.17)
  9. Barbaric (04.32)
Recorded 2 February 2013 at the Vortex, London.

    ICP 053 DVD Misha enzovoort (Misha and so on)
    A film by Cherry Duyns

    From the cover of the DVD: "For Misha Mengelberg, the forgetting has begun.
    He is waiting for a taxi he didnÕt call to go to a performance that wonÕt take place.
    Composer/pianist and grand duke of jazz Misha Mengelberg (1935) has been submerged in the shadow of dementia, ending his life as a musician.ÊAt the London jazz club Vortex in 2013 he impressively says his goodbyes to the international stage. ItÕs also his last major performance with his band, the Instant Composers Pool Orchestra. The musicians find it hard to let him go, but MishaÕs decline is constant, and he slowly fades away from their midst.ÊA film about exceptional loyalty, dilemmas, respect and dedication. And about music,Êthe music of Misha Mengelberg."

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