Ictus 128 Doctor Faustus

Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra

Enrico Rava, trumpet; Franz Koglmann, flugelhorn, trumpet; Gianluigi Trovesi, bass clarinet, alto saxophone; Carlos Zingaro, violin; Theo Jorgesmann, clarinet (track 7); Radu Malfatti, trombone (track 6); Albert Mangelsdorf, trombone (track 7); Carlo Actis Dato, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone (track 7); Roberto Ottaviano, tenor and soprano saxophones; Sauro D'angelo, clarinet, alto saxophone; Roberto Manuzzi, alto and soprano saxophones; Andrea Anzola, french horn; Roberto Bartoli, bass; Stefano Ferri, bass; Franco Feruglio, double bass (track 6); Bruno Cabassi, xylophone, percussion; Gianpaolo Salbego, vibes, percussion; Guido Vianello, percussion (track 7); Paolo Zanella, percussion (track 7); Andrea Centazzo, drums, percussion, conductor.

  1. Musicaschema (10.49)
  2. Third environment for orchestra (15.07)
  3. Chirimia (15.06)
  4. First environment (08.37)
  5. Lost in the mist (06.57)
  6. Mittelmarch (03.36)
  7. Doctor Faustus (13.28)
Tracks 1-4 were recorded at Teatro Testoni, Bologna, Italy on 11 December 1980; track 5 was recorded at Open Air Festival, Modena on 8 July 1981; track 6 was recorded at Alassio Jazz Festival on 5 July 1982; and track 7 was recorded at Ravenna Jazz Festival on 12 June 1983.

This disc is part of the Ictus Records 30th anniversary collection.

Tracks 1-4 previously released as LP Ictus 0012 and on Ictus Reissue Series CD #13, Rdc 5047; tracks 5, 6,7 previously unissued.

Cover (reproduced above) art and photography by Andrea Centazzo.

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