2:13 CD 011 Relay eight

Various musicians

Phil Durrant, live electronic manipulation; David Leahy, double bass; Jonathan Bohman, unprepared objects; Adam Bohman, objects; Gail Brand, trombone; Angharad Davies, violin; Ivor Kalin, viola; Talya Davies, drums; Mark Wastell, cello; Knut Aufermann, sampling and refreshments; Phil Minton, voice; Pat Thomas, keyboards, electronics; Charlotte Hug, viola; Burkhard Beins, percussion; Rhodri Davies, harp; John Butcher, saxophone; John Bisset, guitar.
    Track titles indicate locations at which each was recorded
  1. Dome
  2. Home
  3. 2:13
  4. Knut
  5. Knut
  6. Knut
  7. Home
  8. Home
  9. Home
  10. Knut
  11. Dome
  12. Knut
  13. Home
  14. Dome
  15. 2:13
  16. Home
  17. Home
  18. 2:13
  19. Knut
  20. Dome
  21. Home
  22. 2:13
Recorded on Sunday 11 June 2000 at: mini-Millenium Dome; Secret Location; Knut's Refreshment Table; and the 2:13 Club.

Front cover (reproduced above) presents self portaits of all musicians, in order listed above, clockwise from top left.

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