Leo LR 594/595 Live at the Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon

Joëlle Léandre

Tentet (CD 1): Joëlle Léandre, bass; Susanna Gartmayer, alto saxophone, bass clarinet; Boris Hauf, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Lorenz Raab, trumpet; Bertl Mütter, trombone; Burkhard Stangl, electric guitar; Thomas Wally, violin; Elaine Koene, viola; Melissa Coleman-Zielasko, cello; Kevin Norton, vibes, percussion.

Trio (CD 2): Joëlle Léandre, bass; John Tilbury, piano; Kevin Norton, vibes, percussion.

    CD 1: Tentet
  1. Can you hear me? (53.53)
    CD 2
  1. Trio (46.58)
Recorded live at the Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon in 2009: Can you hear me? on 30 April and Trio on 1 May.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Jean-Marc Foussat.

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