nato/Chabada 53039.2 The Inimitable Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone, vocals; Veryan Weston, piano; Steve Beresford, piano, euphonium; Stuart Hall, double bass, violin, guitar.

The moon was yellow (02.41), Spring is here (02.33), The folks who live on the hill (02.39), Little froggies (00.40), It never entered my mind (05.49), A certain smile (02.48), Time after time (03.05), Change partners (02.59), Requiem major (04.26), Cocktail for two (04.15), Two sleepy people (02.28).

Recorded 8 to 10 August 1985 at Studio Nato in Chantenay.

Veryan Weston plays on tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9; Steve Beresford plays on tracks 2, 5, 6 and 10.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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