November Music NM 005 2001...

Various musicians

  1. Fred Van Hove, piano; Ivo Vander Borght, percussion; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Thomas Lehn, electronics; Luc Houtkamp, saxophone; Jacques Palinckx, electric guitar: Improvisation (26.10); recorded at Muziekcentrum 's-Hertogenbosch' on 15 November 2001
  2. Kaan Tuncer, oud; Bart van Dongen, accordion; Tijtze Vogel, double bass; Miquel Boelens, drums: Tatil (Holiday) (01.51); recorded at November Music Kids 'Theater aan de Parade' 's-Hertogenbosch' on 18 November 2001
  3. Asko Ensemble, soloist Tjeerd Oostendorp, tuba: (w)here (07.40); recorded at Paradiso, Amsterdam during the Gaudeamus Music Meeting on 3 September 2002
  4. Bruno Forment, live electronics; Stefan Smagghe, baroque violin, installation; Dirk Moelants, viola da gamba: Dark entries (12.47); recorded at Muziekcentrum 's-Hertogenbosch' on 20 November 2001
Cover design (reproduced above) by Kinkorn (Anke Schalk).
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