Ogun OGCD 032 Happy daze/Oh! for the edge

Elton Dean's Ninesense

Elton Dean, alto saxophone, saxello; Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone; Harry Beckett, trumpet, flugelhorn; Mark Charig, trumpet, tenor horn; Nick Evans, trombone; Radu Malfatti, trombone (tracks 1-4); Keith Tippett, piano; Harry Miller, double bass; Louis Moholo, drums.

  1. Nicrotto (12.00)
  2. Seven for Lee (08.38)
  3. Sweet F.A. (11.03)
  4. Three for all (10.45)
  5. Dance (09.07)
  6. Fall in free (04.33)
  7. Forsoothe (09.05)
  8. M.T. (01.52)
  9. Friday night blues (04.59)
  10. Prayer for Jesus (03.25)
Tracks 1-4, previously released as Happy daze, recorded at Redan Recorders, London on 26 July 1977; tracks 5-10, previously released as Oh! for the edge, recorded live at Grass Roots Jazz Club at the 100 Club, London on 22 March 1976.

CD design (front cover reproduced above) by David Ilic; original cover design by Herm.

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