Ogun HMCD 1/2/3 Harry Miller 1941-1983: The collection

Harry Miller

This 3CD set, including 28-page booklet, was released on 30 November 1999 as a memorial to Harry Miller and to mark the 25th anniversary of Ogun Records. It included previously released Ogun LPs led by Harry Miller in addition to his recording for the Vara Jazz label:
    HMCD 1:
    Children at play Family affair
    Children at play
    Harry Miller, double bass, flute, percussion effects
  1. H&H (03.04)
  2. Children at play (phase I & II) (08.22)
  3. Homeboy (04.58)
  4. Foregone conclusion (15.31)
  5. Children at play (phase III) (04.23)
    Recorded in 1974 in Hastings.

    Family Affair
    Harry Miller's Isipingo: Harry Miller, bass; Marc Charig, trumpet; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Keith Tippett, piano; Louis Moholo, drums.

  6. Family affair (10.32)
  7. Touch hungry (10.48)
  8. Jumping (15.32)
  9. Eli's song (05.30)
    Recorded at Battersea Arts Centre, London on 6 January 1977.
    HMCD 2:
    Bracknell breakdown In conference
    Bracknell breakdown
    Harry Miller, double bass; Radu Malfatti, trombone
  1. The audient stood on its foot (21.45)
  2. Friendly duck (16.20)
    Recorded on 29 July 1977, at South Hill Park, Bracknell.

    In conference
    Harry Miller Sextet: Harry Miller, bass; Willem Breuker, soprano and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet; Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones; Julie Tippetts, voice; Keith Tippett, piano; Louis Moholo, drums.

  3. Traumatic experience (12.55)
  4. Orange grove (07.50)
  5. Dancing Damon (11.10)
  6. New baby (06.19)
  7. Traumatic experience closed (01.24) Recorded at Redan Recorders, London on 27 January 1978.
    HMCD 3:
    Down South
    Harry Miller Quintet: Harry Miller, bass; Marc Charig, cornet, alphorn; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Sean Bergin, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones; Han Bennink, drums.
  1. Down South (06.43)
  2. Ikaya (04.05)
  3. Deep down feeling (05.53)
  4. Schooldays (06.02)
  5. Opportunities (08.01)
  6. Flame tree (06.34)
  7. Mofolo (07.16) Recorded at Vara Studio 2, Holland on 3 March 1983.
Box and book design (front cover reproduced above) by Strong Silent Type.

Children at play first released as Ogun OG 200 LP; Family affair originally released as Ogun OG 310 LP; Bracknell breakdown originally released as Ogun OG 320 LP; In conference originally released as Ogun OG 523 LP; Down South originally released as VARAJAZZ 4213 LP.

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