Canaille 91

Canaille 91

Michèle Buirette, accordion; Geneviève Cabannes, double bass; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon; Beatrix Klein, trumpet, flugelhorn; Joëlle Léandre, double bass; Maggie Nicols, voice; Annick Nozati, voice; Elvira Plenar, piano, keyboards; Annemarie Roelofs, trombone, violin; Maud Sauer, oboe, bass oboe, English horn; Pinise Saul, voice; Irène Schweizer, piano,drums; Co Streiff, saxophone.

Auf takt! [MB/LC/MN/EP] (04.41), African dawn [MB/LC/PS] (02.30), Full moon and empty head [AN/EP/MS] (06.56), Avanti popolo! [MN/JL/IS](06.11), Do you really have to speak in such a vulgar way [MN/AN/PS] (04.38), Mouthpiece [MB/LC/BK/AR/MS/CS] (05.55), Trio tzigane [MB/GC/AR] (05.27), Je me sens seule [JL/CS (05.42); AR/MS (03.53); LC/BK (02.29); MB/IS (04.10); JL/AN (06.46)].

Recorded during the Festival for Improvised Music at Frankfurter Frauenkulturhaus, Frankfurt am Main, 22-24 November 1991.

Graphics and photos (front cover reproduced above) by Barbel Hogner Offenbach.

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