Y Records Y31 The Promenaders

The Promenaders

Loxhawn Rondeaux (Lol Coxhill), soprano saxophone, vocals; Stuart Barfoot (Steve Beresford), euphonium, vocals; Steve Topp (David Toop), one string violin; Mike Simple (Max Eastley), one string violin; Derek Nyte (Terry Day), cello, percussion; André (Peter Cusack), guitar; Paulo 'sticks' Birrelli (Paul Burwell), drums; Violet Nightingale, guest chanteuse on 'Moon river'.

  1. Nellie the elephant
  2. Louie Louie; The Promenader's shuffle; Whistle while you work; Calling all workers; The Dambusters' march; Do Re Mi; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; American patrol; South of the border; Let's twist again
  3. My Grandfather clock; Al Capone; Ghosts; The James Bond theme; Holy family; Walkin' the dog; Prommin' the bass; Oklahoma; Parade of the penguins; I could have danced all night
  4. Chicago
  5. Moon river
  6. Rock around the clock; Tin roof blues; Philly dog; Promenaders jazz it up; Saturday jump
  7. Stranger on the shore; Rondeaux makes it up
  8. Happy talk; The hokey cokey; Knees up Mother Brown
  9. "A", you're adorable; There's a long, long road a-winding; Do Re Mi; My favourite things; You'd be so nice to come home to; Chim chim cheree
  10. (Won't you play a) simple melody; Tibetan promenade; Nellie the elephant
Recorded live on Brighton Beach, no date, probably 1981.

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