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John Butcher lives in London and has played the saxophone for about 25 years. He began at Surrey university where he was studying physics. Here, he played in a number of jazz groups with pianist Chris Burn and first participated in group improvisation via some of Stockhausen's so-called 'intuitive' pieces. On moving to London, to begin a Ph.D on the theoretical properties of charmed quarks, his musical activities included a stint at Sadler's Wells Theatre (with the London Contemporary Dance Theatre), tours with the New Arts Consort, concerts with Burn's BBC-award winning big band, and a jazz quartet residency at the White Hart, Drury Lane. Since leaving academia in 1982 he has focused on improvisation and 'new' music, and his playing now ranges through free improvisation, various structurings, his own compositions, multitracked saxophone pieces, work with pre-recorded tape, and also live electronics. He has toured and broadcast throughout Europe and North America, and was featured, playing solo, in the BBC TV programme Date with an artist.

In the early 80s Butcher and Burn rehearsed and ran monthly concert at the Workers' Music Association in Notting Hill Gate. In 1984 they released their first LP Fonetiks, and also played and broadcast in Jon Corbett's Freelance (with Elton Dean and Joe Gallivan). The long term trio, with John Russell and Phil Durrant, formed in 1984 and has released a studio LP Conceits and two live CDs, Concert moves and The scenic route. Conceits was the first LP on Acta Records, a label Butcher continues to run.

This trio was joined in 1988 by Paul Lovens and Radu Malfatti to form News from the Shed. Embers (with Jim Denley, Marcio Mattos and Chris Burn) formed in 1986. Various ad-hoc work in the 80s included a Rome concert in a soprano 4-tet (with Evan Parker, Trevor Watts and Lol Coxhill) and a DDR tour with Alan Tomlinson.

Butcher continues to work with Burn in the group Ensemble (an evolution from the London Improvising Ensemble of 1985), which performs structured improvisations. His pieces Funforall, no stops only commas, and Southern Samba a go-go have been recorded on the Ensemble CDs Cultural baggage, Navigations and The Place 1991.

Other semi-compositional ideas appear in the 4 saxophone multitracked pieces on the 1992 solo CD release, Thirteen friendly numbers. Since then solo concerts have become a particular project. These sometimes include short pieces for improvisation plus multitracked saxophone on tape. One such piece, Shrinkdown, is on the 1996 solo release, London and Cologne. A further solo release, Fixations (14) collects live recordings from the USA and Europe over a four year period to 2000. The most recent solo CD, Invisible Ear, develops an ongoing exploration on close-miking and amplification/feedback possibilities.

Butcher has had a fruitful musical relationship with two singers: Vanessa Mackness whom he first performed with on Derek Bailey's 1990 London Company Week, and Phil Minton. Apples of Gomorrah is his recent duo CD with Minton, and other regular groups include a trio with German guitarist Erhard Hirt and Minton's own quartet with Veryan Weston and Roger Turner. This quartet has been playing and evolving Mouthful of ecstasy - based around texts from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake - for almost 10 years (the book took 17).

In 1991 he formed Frisque Concordance with Georg Gräwe, Martin Blume and Hans Schneider, and occasional projects still occur with Blume - most recently a trio with Wilbert de Joode. In 1992 Butcher joined what became the final version of John Steven's Spontaneous Music Ensemble; a trio with guitarist Roger Smith. A new distance contains their performance at the 1993 LMC Festival - the group's last recorded concert.

Opportunities to play with Derek Bailey have always been a pleasure, and range through duos, Company events, a trio with Orren Marshall and various ad hoc groupings. Two live duos with Bailey appear on Vortices and angels, along with duos with harpist Rhodri Davies.

Electronic music was an early influence on Butcher's approach to saxophone playing, and has become explicit in his electromanipulation duo with Phil Durrant. This has released Secret measures and Requests and antisongs. Some commentators have described his wind trio with Axel Dörner and Xavier Charles as electronic music by acoustic instruments. The Contest of pleasures records their performance at the 2000 Mulhouse Festival.

Since first visiting the US and Canada in 1994, various musical connections have developed with North American musicians. A number of duos, including with Michael Zerang, Gino Robair and Fred Lonberg-Holm, are presented on Music on seven occasions, whilst his trio with Robair and Matthew Sperry debuted on 12 Milagritos. Duos with drummers seem to have proliferated recently, and include Points, snags and windings (with Dylan van der Schyff), Shooters and bowlers (with Gerry Hemingway), and a session with Steve Noble which can be heard in Real Audio at the BBC web site.

In 1997 Butcher joined the Austrian new music group Polwechsel. The group works with composition and improvisation and has also collaborated and recorded with laptop player Christian Fennez. Thermal is a trio with Andy Moor (of the EX) and Thomas Lehn, and lies at the other end of the dynamic spectrum to Polwechsel.

For the last few years, Butcher has worked in duo with bassist John Edwards, and they are sometimes joined by Italian drummer Fabrizio Spera. Following a similar pattern, his duo with Steve Beresford was recently joined by Paul Lovens for a concert in Graz.

Some non performance work in 2003 included a commission to write a piece (The Knot Gallery) for the Rova Saxophone quartet, and research at STEIM, with Bill Hsu, in computer recognition of saxophone timbres.

As is the case for most improvisers, a lot of music has been made in occasional, sometimes once-only groupings. These include: Derek Bailey's Company (90, 92, 95); Fred van Hove's t'nonet; Gräwe's GrubenKlangOrchester; Radu Malfatti's Ohrkiste; Steve Beresford's Orchestra, the EX Orkestra, and Butch Morris' London Skyscraper. In addition he has played in duo with musicians as varied as Fred Frith, Jin Hi Kim, Otomo Yoshihide, Kaffe Matthews, Carlos Zingaro, Joe Morris, Jeffrey Allport, Veryan Weston, Paul Lovens, Toshimaru Nakimura and Martin Klapper.


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2016, Last dream of the morning, Relative Pitch Records RPR1056. John Butcher/John Edwards/Mark Sanders.
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