Radu Malfatti

Born Innsbruck, 16 December 1943; trombone, composer.

After studying under Eje Thelin at the Music Academy in Graz, Radu Malfatti lived in Amsterdam and Aachen between 1970 and 1972, working with Arjen Gorter, Paul Lovens, Peter Kowald and Paul Rutherford. On moving to London in 1972 he became established as a regular player in groups such as Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Elton Dean's Ninesense, as co-leader of Nicra with Nick Evans, in duo with Harry Miller, as well as playing with Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Phil Wachsmann and Hugh Davies. Between 1976 and 1978 he lived in Zurich and Florence, working with Stephen Wittwer, Irene Schweizer, Leon Francioli, Pierre Favre, Tristan Honsinger, Sean Bergin, Roberto Bellatalla, Guido Mazzon and Roscoe Mitchell. On returning to Amsterdam in 1978, he became a member of Misha Mengelberg's ICP Tentett, Fred Van Hove's MLA Blek, worked in a trio with Tony Oxley and Ulrich Gumpert, a duo with Marten Altena and with Joe McPhee.

Radu Malfatti lived in East Berlin from 1981 to 1983 and founded 'Quatuor a vant' (two trombones and two clarinets). He worked with Carlo Inderhees, Hanno Rempel and Andrew Voigt as well as being a member of Barry Guy's London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Georg Graewe's GrubenKlangOrchester and the King Übü Orchestrü of Wolfgang Fuchs. Since 1985, Malfatti has lived in Köln while maintaining a wide range of playing situations - a duo with Carin Levine, trio Raphiphi with Phil Wachsmann and Phil Minton, a quartet with Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger and Gerry Hemingway, News from the Shed with John Russell, John Butcher, Phil Durrant and Paul Lovens, Burhard Stangl'e Maxixe, a trio with Gunter Schneider and Burkhard Stangl and a trio with Melvyn Poore and Horst Grabosch - and forming the Radu Malfatti Ohrkiste.

Radu Malfatti has performed at most contemporary festivals such as: Amsterdam, Angouleme, Antwerpen, Berlin, Bologna, Budapest, Donaueschingen, Florence, Grenoble, Groningen, Helsinki, Imola, Leipzig, London, Lovere, Metz, Moers, Münster, Nancy, Nyon, Paris, Peitz, Pisa, Roermond, Saalfelden, Saloniki, Vancouver, Victoriaville, Vienna, Willisau, Zurich.

Since1981, Radu Malfatti has directed his activities more and more towards composed music - while maintaining that the most interesting aspect of modern music is improvisation - thus trying to combine these two organisations into a new and acceptable proposition. He has received several commissions from interpreters of contemporary music such as the string quartet 'Leonardo Quartett', the doublebass player Wolfgang Güttler, the mezzosoprano Christina Ascher, the tuba player Melvyn Poore and guitarist Gunter Schneider. His compositions include:

Notes (1989) for 13 instrumentalists (performed by Ohrkiste).
Qualcosa (1991) for string quartet and improvising soloist; 'für das Leonardo Streich-Quartett'.
beSTIMMung (1991) for solo voice and tape; 'für Christina Ascher'.
One and one is two too (1991) for two diagonally tuned pianos; 'für Alice'.
Graukanal (1992) for 13 instrumentalists (performed by Ohrkiste).
Überdruck (1992) for seven brass players and improvising percussionist; 'für Paul Lovens'.
Farrago (1992) for tuba and 14 double basses; 'für Melvyn Poore und Wolfgang Güttler'.
Stück-Werk (1993) for trumpet, trombone and tuba; 'für wen?'.
Bestimmung (1993) version for clarinet and tape; 'für Diego Montes'.
Morphy's Law (1993) for trumpet, trombone, tuba and chess-computer; 'für Morphy himself'.
Sandbuch (1994) for four percussionists; 'dem stadtplan von wien gewidmet'.
Ftan (1994) for clarinet, trombone, piano and viola; 'für Benjamin M'.
Geister die selig verneinen (1994) for four tuba's in E-flat; meinen freund Burkhard Stangl gewidmet'.
Der längere aufenthalt beim hergeben (1994) for trombone, guitar, bass and cello.
'...mit verschiedenen verschiebungen' (1995) for viola, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and piano; 'maya s r k n gewidmet'.


1973, Balance, Incus 11.
1973, Live at Willisau, Ogun OGCD 001. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath.
1973, His Master's Bones, Cuneiform Rune 89. Gary Windo. One Brotherhood of Breath track on compilation, identical to final track on 'Live at Willisau' (above).
1973, Ramifications, Ogun OG 500.
1975, Listen/hear, Ogun OG 010. Nicra.
1975, Bremen to Bridgewater, Cuneiform Rune 182. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath.
1976, Thrumblin', FMP 0350.
1977, Und?, FMP 0470. Malfatti/Wittwer.
1977, Und? ...plus, FMP CD 142. Malfatti/Wittwer.
1977, Bracknell breakdown, Ogun OG 320/Ogun HMCD. Duo with Harry Miller.
1977, Procession: live at Toulouse, Ogun OGCD 040/OG 524.Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath.
1977, Happy daze/Oh! for the edge, Ogun OGCD032. Elton Dean's Ninesense.
1978, Spirits rejoice!, Ogun OG 520. Louis Moholo Octet.
1978, Bra Louis - Bra Tebs/Spirits rejoice!, Ogun OGCD017/018. Louis Moholo-Moholo Octet. CD re-issue of Ogun OG 520.
1979, Good old circus, FMP SAJ-33.
1979, Humanimal, hat Hut EIGHT (iR08).
1979, Sven-Åke Johansson mit dem NMUI im SO 36 '79, FMP S17.
1979, Sven-Åke Johansson mit dem NMUI im SO 36 '79, Olof Bright OBCD10/GROB650. Full version of concert previously released on FMP S17.
1980, M.L.A. BLEK, FMP SAJ-32.
1980, Zwecknagel, FMP SAJ-34. Duo with Harry Miller.
1981, Topology, hat Art CD6027. Large group led by Joe McPhee.
1981, Ach was!? FMP 0870. Ulrich Gumpert/Radu Malfatti/Tony Oxley.
1982, Doctor Faustus, Ictus 128. Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra. Part of Icuts Records 30th anniversary collection.
1983, Formu nato 175.
1984, Music is music is..., Uhlklang UK-6. King Ubu Orchestru.
1987/1988, Zurich concerts, Intakt 005. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
1988/89, Songs and variations, Hat Art CD 6028. Recordings of the GrubenKlangOrchester.
1989, News from the shed, Acta 4.
1989, News from the shed, Emanem 4121. Re-issue of Acta 4 with additional material.
1989, Harmos, Intakt CD013. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
1989, Double trouble, Intakt CD019. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
1989, Benefit concert, Splasc(h) HP20.
1990, Itinerary, hat Art CD6079. Large group led by Steve Lacy.
1990, The use of memory, hat Art CD6078. Franz Koglmann Pipetet.
1990, Trio Raphiphi, ITM1465.
1991, Theoria, Intakt CD024. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
1991, Study II/Stringer, Intakt CD095. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
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1992, Spirits rejoice, Ogun CD101. The Dedication Orchestra.
1993, Portraits, Intakt CD035. London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
1993/94, Polwechsel, Randon Acoustics RA009/hat[now]ART 112. With Werner Dafeldecker/Burkhard Stangl/Michael Moser.
1993/94, Loose music, RA015. Burkhard Stangl.
1994, Diphtongs, Durian 005-2. Recordings of a virtual group.
1996, A sounding of sources, New World Records 80676-2. Malcolm Goldstein.
1996/7, Beinhaltung, Fringes Records 03. Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti.
1997, Radu Malfatti, EWR 9801. Solo, plus string quartet.
1998, Trigger zone, FMP CD117. King Übü Örchestrü.
1999, dach, Erstwhile 014. Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti.
1999, Dachte musik, GROB 313/314. Hautzinger/Malfatti/Stangl/Schneider.
1999?, Easy to assemble, hard to take apart, Cheap Entertainment/Form&Function F&F 033. Patrick Pulsinger.
2002, Improvised music from Japan 2002-2003, IMJ-301. Long extract of duo with Taku Sugimoto on compilation magazine/CD.
2002/3, Futatsu, Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-508/9. Raku Sugifatti.
2003, Building excess, GROB 651. Filip/Malfatti/Mattin/Roberts.
2003, The concert: live at Total Music Meeting 2003, a/l/l 008. King Übü Örchestrü.
2008, Imaoto, Erstwhile 055. Duo with Klaus Filip.
2010, Φ, Erstwhile 060-3. Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe.
2011, The volume surrounding the task, Potlatch P216. Radu Malfatti/Kevin Drumm/Lucio Capece.
2011, Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami, ErstwLive 012.
2012, Late summer, Creative sources CS 230. Ernesto Rodrigues/Radu Malfatti/Ricardo Guerreiro.
2013, II, Erstwhile 072-2. Jürg Frey/Radu Malfatti.

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