Marcio Mattos

Born Rio de Janeiro, 20th March 1946; double bass, 'cello.

Studied acoustic guitar in early teens, switching to double bass and cello, mainly self-taught, after becoming interested in Jazz. Later entered the Villa-Lobos institute where he became involved in improvisation and electronic music. Since coming to Europe in 1970 has performed, recorded and broadcast both in Britain and abroad in groups including John Surman, Evan Parker, John Stevens, Keith Tippett, Derek Bailey's Company, Dewey Redman and Marylin Crispell amongst others. Has also worked with dance companies such as Ballet Rambert and The Extemporary Dance Theatre Company, and in electro-acoustic music groups such as the West Square Electronic Music Ensemble.

A long- standing member of the Eddie Prevost Quartet and various Elton Dean groups. Other current British projects include the "Bardo State Orchestra", Chris Burn's Ensemble, "Wooden Taps" with Maggie Nicols, "Embers" with John Butcher and others, "Lines" with Phil Wachsmann/Jim Denley and others, and "Full Monte" with Chris Biscoe, Brian Godding and Tony Marsh . International projects working in Europe have included Georg Graewe's Grubenklang Orchestra, Stefano Maltese's "Open Music Ensemble", Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra, "AXON"- trio with Phil Minton and Martin Blume , bass/cello and shakuhachi duo with Shiku Yano, and in Japan various groupings with Sabu Toyozumi and Keiko Midorikawa.

Also trained as a Ceramic artist at Goldsmiths college and continues to make and exhibit work in clay.


1970. The source - from & towards, Tangent TNGS 107.
1975, Plus equals, Emanem 4062. Spontaneous Music Orchestra.
1975, Search & reflect, Emanem 5209. Spontaneous Music Orchestra.
1975, SME+=SMO, A Records A003.
1976/77, Live, Bead Cassette 1. London Bass Trio.
1977, Land of Stone, JAPO 60018. Ken Hyder's Talisker.
1977, Marsh Gas, Bead 3.
1977, Live 1977 vols 1&2, Matchless MRCD 01. Eddie Prevost Band.
1977, Now Hear This Then/ Eddie Prevost Band (SPOTLITE SPJ505)
1978, The London Bass Trio (BEAD C1)
1980s, Smile in your sleep, Impetus IMP 19732. Talisker track on Ken Hyder disc.
1980, Boundaries/ Elton Dean Quintet (JAPO 60033)
1983, The Electric String Trio (BEAD C2)
1983, Continuum, Matchless 7/Matchless MRCD07. Eddie Prévost Quartet.
1985, Continuum +, Matchless MRCD07. Eddie Prévost Quartet.
1985, The Bologna Tapes/ Elton Dean Quintet (OGUN 530)
1986, Handscapes/ Akemi Kuniyoshi-Kuhn (LEO LR143)
1985, Tomorrow is here Dossier ST 7507. The Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra.
1986, Quartet improvisations, Leo LR144/GY11/12. Marilyn Crispell.
1986, Welcomet, Impetus IMP 18612. Elton Dean Quintet.
1988, Red Shift/ Coherents (PRIME PLP03)
1988, Eleven years from yesterday, FMR CD02/Bead CD01.
1988, Embers live, Acta 3.
1987/88, Two's and three's, Voiceprint VP167CD. Elton Dean.
1989, Duos and Trios / Elton Dean (ED 1/2)
1989, Out of School/George Haslam (SLAM HC33)
1989, Monads, Reel Estate RECD9002. Pat Thomas.
1990, Life in the Grand Hotel/ Full Monte (WAC 102)
1990, Cultural baggage, Acta 5.
1990, Life after room service SLAM CD401. Track on compilation CD with Full Monte.
1990, The Vortex tapes, SLAMCD 203. Elton Dean.
1990, Lihaa, Tzadik 7501. Steve Beresord's animated film music.
1991, Live in Bremen, AufRuhr ART CD 001. With Johannes Bauer/H.P.Hiby/Marcio Mattos.
1991, The Place 1991, Emanem 4056. Chris Burn Ensemble.
1991, Innocence, Cadence CJR 105. Joe Gullivan.
1992, Flavours, fragments, ITM Classics 950014.
1992, Level two, SLAMCD303. George Haslam group.
1993, Crocodiles don't cry, Tzadik 7501. Steve Beresord's animated film music.
1993, Perceptions, RA008.
1994, Two's and Three's/ Elton Dean (VP127 CD)
1994, Spark in the Dark / Full Monte (SLAM CD 209)
1994, Wooden Taps w/Maggie Nicols and Rolan Ramanan (RAM 100)
1994, Urban ritual, SLAMCD 203. Ntshuks Bonga's Tshisha!.
1994, The ultimate gift, Impetus CD19425. Bardo State Orchestra
1994, The enchanted messenger, Soul Note 121284. The Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra.
1995, Wheels within wheels, Impetus IMP 19527. Bardo State Orchestra plus Tibetan Monks.
1995, Subsymbolism, Nuscope Recordings CD 1002. Graewe/Mattos/Vatcher.
1995, Impressions of Monk, Nuscope Recordings CD 1006. Graewe/Mattos/Vatcher.
1995/1996, Lines, Random Acoustics RA022.
1996, Alone and together, Emanem 4034. Duo with Lol Coxhill.
1996, Rumours of an incident, SLAM CD 223. Elton Dean Quartet/Roswell Rudd.
1996, Tryst, Red Toucan RT 9311. Ian Smith.
1996, Blythe Hill, SLAM CD 228. John Rangecroft/Marcio Mattos/Stu Butterfield.
1996, Concert in Berlin 1996, Wobbly Rail WOB007. Georg Gräwe Quintet.
1997, Navigations, Acta 12. Chris Burn's Ensemble.
1997, Newsense, SLAM CD 229. Elton Dean's Newsense.
1997/1998, Strings with Evan Parker, Emanem 4302.
1998, Four and five, hatOLOGY 537. Jon Lloyd.
2000, The hearing continues..., Emanem 4203. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2000, Lines in Australia, Emanem 4075. Lines.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: large groups, Emanem 4206. Strings with/without Evan Parker + London Improvisers Orchestra.
2002, Hour glass, Emanem 4208. Two trios of Tony Bianco and Paul Dunmall with Marcio Mattos/Paul Rogers.
2001/2, Shaken, Emanem 4081. Roland Ramanan.
2002, Hour glass, Emanem 4208. Two trios of Tony Bianco and Paul Dunmall with Marcio Mattos/Paul Rogers.
2002, Freedom of the city 2002, Emanem 4090. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2002, Free zone Appleby 2002, psi 03.02/3. Octet in various combinations.
2002, Music for strings, percussion & electronics, BF59. ZFP Quartet.
2003, Freedom of the city 2003: small groups, Emanem 4212.
2003, Free zone Appleby 2003, psi 04.05. Octet in various combinations.
2003, Ikebana: London encounters, Emanem 4213. Milo Fine.
2003, The ins and outs, Emanem 4116. Free Base
2003, Caesura, Emanem 4123. Roland Ramanan.
2003/2004, Responses, reproduction & reality: freedom of the city 2003-4, Emanem 4110. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2003/2007, Improvisations for George Riste, psi 08.06. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2004, Constant comments, FMR CD156-i1204. Axon.
2004, Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3, ECM 1872/171 6989. Rosoce Mitchell and the Tranatlantic Art Ensemble.
2004, Boustrophedon, ECM 1873/175 0054. Evan Parker and the Tranatlantic Art Ensemble.
2005, Freedom of the city 2005, Emanem 4216. In London Improvisers Orchestra.
2005, Crossing the river, psi 06.02. Evan Parker Octet.
2006/07, Gocce stellari, Emanem 5006. Stellari String Quartet.
2007, In backward times, Emanem 5045. One trio track with Paul Rutherford, Veryan Weston.
2007, Separately & together, Emanem 4219. London Improvisers Orchestra/Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.
2007, Caetitu, Emanem 4149. Martin Blume/Yedo Gibson/Marcio Mattos/Veryan Weston.
1995-2005/2010, SOL[os], Emanem 5035.
2010, Lio Leo Leon, psi 11.04. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2011, HMS concert, Kukuruku Recordings. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2012, Paulinus Trio, Creative sources CS 242. John Rangecroft/Marcio Mattos/Dave Tucker.

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