Burkhard Beins


Born 1964; drums, percussion.

Besides being a drummer in various rock bands, Burkhard Beins spent much time during the 1980s experimenting with music for taped material and percussion. After 1988 his main interest shifted towards contemporary improvised and composed music.

He became a member of several ensembles and played numerous concerts and tours throughout Europe and the USA as well as international festivals such as the LMCs Festival of Experimental Music (London), Vario (Hannover), Kryptonale (Berlin), Musique Action (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy), Euregio Musiktage (Aachen), FAM (Berlin), Relay (London and Berlin), Symposium for Contemporary Music (Copenhagen), Humanoise Congress (Wiesbaden), Terza Prattica/Gaudeamus (Amsterdam).

Beins has created music for films and the theatre and performed contemporary music by composers such as Markus Wettstein, Sven-Åke Johansson, Fred Frith, Cornelius Cardew, Michael Renkel, Konrad Boehmer or Helmut Zapf. He has collaborated with a wide range of musicians such as John Edwards, Phil Durrant, Johannes Bauer, Caroline Kraabel, Maggie Nicols, Jürgen Morgenstern, Fred Frith, Wolfgang Ritthoff, John Butcher, Leonid Soybelman, Andrea Ermke, Martin Küchen, Robin Hayward, Martin Pfleiderer, Peter Niklas Wilson, Sarah Goldfarb, Sven-Åke Johansson, Andrea Neumann, Tony Buck, Axel Dörner, Annette Krebs, Paul Hubweber, Wolfgang Fuchs, and Rajesh Mehta.

His currently active groups are:


1995, Relay III - random play, 2:13 Music 01.
1996, Nunc, 2:13 Music 02.
1996, Yarbles, HatOLOGY 510.
1997, The answering machine solution, Staalplaat STCD100. Track on compilation CD.
1999, möwen & moos, 2:13 Music 008/009. Activity Center.
1999, möwen & moos remix, 2:13 Music 014. Activity Center.
1999, Perlonex, Zarek 01.
2000, The sealed knot, Confront FRONT 06. Beins/Davies/Wastell.
2000, Bad Alchemy No. 35, 7" Vinyl EP. Perlonex.
2000, Chapel, 2:13 Music CD012. Burkhard Beins/John Bisset.
2000, Relay eight, 2:13 Music CD011.
2000, Grain, Zarek 06. Rowe/Beins.
2001, Phosphor, Potlatch P501.
2001, Surface/plane, Meniscus MNSCS 012. The Sealed Knot.
2001, Misiiki, Rossbin RS 013. Burkhard Beins/Dirk Marwedel/Michael Vorfeld.
2002, Lidingö, Erstwhile 026. Duo with Andrea Neumann.
2002, Santa Fé, Eventuell EVTL02 (LP). Burkhard Beins/Sven-Åke Johansson.
2002/03, Labor CD, Charhizma 026/027. Compilation CD with Phosphor, BB in other trio plus short video clip.
2003, Activity Center/Phil Minton, absinthRecords 006.
2004, Berlin drums, absinthRecords 003. BB on one mini-CD on this 4 mini-CD release.
2004, Unwanted object, Confront Collectors Series CCS1. The Sealed Knot.
2004, Keith Rowe/Burkhard Beins, Erstwhile Records Erstlive 001.
2004, Three dances, Potlatch P105. Trio Sowari.
2005, Zur stabilen stützung eines körpers ist es notwendig daß er mindestens drei auflagenpunkte hat die nacht in einer geraden liegen, absinthRecords 008. Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Burkhard Beins.
2005, Archives of the North, hatOLOGY 633. Polwechsel.
2005/06, Disco prova, absinthRecords 013. Sound manipulation.
2006, Shortcut, Potlatch P208. Trio Sowari.
2006, Phosphor II, Potlatch P109.
2007, And we disappear, Another timbre at23. The Sealed Knot.
2007, SLW, Organized Music from Thessaloniki #07. SLW.
2009, lohn & brot, absinthRecords 017. Activity Center.
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