Phil Durrant


Born 1957; software synth/sampler, live electronics and acoustic violin.

Phil Durrant studied classical violin and piano at the London College Of Music. Since 1977 he has been a freelance musician, improviser and composer. He has performed at festivals all over Europe, U.S.A and Canada and has had his music broadcast on radio and television in many countries.

Current electronic projects include Ticklish, Secret Measures (with John Butcher), Lunge (with Gail Brand, Pat Thomas and Mark Sanders) and the international electronic orchestra, Mimeo. He also plays violin in Assumed Possibilities (with Chris Burn, Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell), "Beinhaltung", a trio with Radu Malfatti and Thomas Lehn another trio with Berlin musicians, Burkhard Beins and Ignaz Schick, and the string quartet Quatuor Accorde, with Tony Wren, Charlotte Hug and Mark Wastell. Durrant has also played in the very influential trio with John Butcher and John Russell, as well as the Chris Burn Ensemble.

During his career he has played with many creative and important musicians, including: Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Grooverider, Shut up and Dance, John Zorn, Phil Minton, and Tom Cora. He has also been awarded various Arts Council grants to research and develop his use of electronics. Two current duo projects - at early 2001 - were: Durrant, violin and software synth/sampler with Wade Matthews, bass clarinet, alto flute; and Durrant software synth/sampler with Mark Sanders drums and sequenced samples.

Phil Durrant has also been collaborating and composing music for a wide variety of choreographers. These include PLastic chill, In the face of a stranger and Deja deux with Maxine Doyle; Salome, Concrete and On stage with Susanne Thomas; Partial site, near view and Delay for five with Gill Clarke; Future perfekt with Ana Sanchez-Colberg; and Borderlander and Home zone with Sophia Lycouris. Salome, Concrete and Partial site, near view were site-specific and involved speaker systems in a number of different rooms. He recently wrote the music for a new play by Nick Sutton called Home movies.

Further information

Durrant, Phil (1997), Reasons for now. Rubberneck, no. 26, (December). The full text of this article is available on this web site.


1985, Planet Oeuf, XOPF Rec 01.
1987, Conceits, Acta 1. Butcher/Durrant/Russell.
1987/1992, Conceits, Emanem 5036. Re-issue of Acta 1 with additional material.
1989, News from the shed, Acta 4.
1989, News from the shed, Emanem 4121. Re-issue of Acta 4 with additional material.
1989, Monads, Reel Estate RECD9002. Pat Thomas.
1990, Cultural baggage, Acta 5.
1991, The Place 1991, Emanem 4056. Chris Burn Ensemble.
1991/1992, Concert moves, Random Acoustics RA 011. Butcher/Durrant/Russell.
1996, Humannoise Congress #7/#8/#9, Humannoise Congress CD-R/booklet.
1996/7, Beinhaltung, Fringes Records 03. Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti.
1996/7, Sowari, Acta 10. Solo.
1997, Navigations, Acta 12. Chris Burn's Ensemble.
1997, Further lock, Concepts of doing cod 002. Durrant/Frangenheim.
1997, MIMEO/Queue, Perdition plastics Per 009/GROB 005.
1997, Secret measures, Wobbly Rail WOB 006. Duo with John Butcher, electronic manipulation.
1997/8, Strings with Evan Parker, Emanem 4302.
1998, The scenic route, Emanem 4029. Butcher/Durrant/Russell.
1998, Variations 3: a London compilation, Paradigm Discs 10. One track on this CD.
1998, Electric chair and table, GROB 206/7. MIMEO.
1998, Assumed possibilities, Confront FRONT 05.
1999, Lunge, Acta 13.
1999, dach, Erstwhile 014. Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti.
2000, Requests and antisongs, Erstwhile 007. Electromanipulation duo with John Butcher.
2000, Ticklish, GROB 212.
2000, Ticklish/Fizzarum, Textile TXTVNL02. Split LP, one side devoted to Ticklish.
2000, Angel gate, Emanem 4050. Quatuor Accorde.
2000, Intentions, nuscope recordings 1011. Butcher/Durrant/Lee.
2000, Durrant/Davis/Wastell, Confront FRONT 09. London Preservation Series.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: large groups, Emanem 4206. Strings with/without Evan Parker.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: small groups, Emanem 4205.
2001, The hands of Caravaggio, Erstwhile 021. MIMEO/John Tilbury.
2001, Still point, Rossbin RS007. Assumed possibilities.
2000/02, Strong language, Emanem 4079. Lunge.
2002, London duos and trios, Intakt CD 081. Hans Koch.
2003, open, Erstwhile 032. Davis/Durrant/Wastell.
2003, Freedom of the city 2003: small groups, Emanem 4212.
2004, Three dances, Potlatch P105. Trio Sowari.
2005, Freedom of the city 2005, Emanem 4216. In trio Wilkinson/Durrant/Sanders.
2006, Shortcut, Potlatch P208. Trio Sowari.
2007/8, The king of herrings, Jedso#3. David Stackenäs/Joe Williamson/Phil Durrant.
2009, PRES revisited: Józef Patkowski in memorium, Bôłt Records BR ES01. Reworkings of electronic compositions originall recorded at the Polish Radio Experimental Studio.

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